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Picking up the pace!

April 25, 2011

Accomplishing my health goals went much better this week. I didn’t lose any weight…but I didn’t gain any, and I went to a wedding where I had 2 slices of cake…and we had a cheesecake yesterday…so win for me? I think so.

Weight Change: -0.4 from previous record; +4.5 from initial 

Last Week’s Goals: (4 of 7! Twice as good as last week!)

Water: Failed!  Drink an average of 24 ounces/day this week…I managed 22…not quite enough. Plans to fix this? Start keeping better track earlier in the week (like today).

Hooping: Completed! Hoop an average of 5 min/per day…And then some! 

Nutrition: Failed! Eat 3 fruit/veggie snacks this week…While I have no problem eating these with a meal…I seem to not gravitate towards them for snackage. Plans to fix? Start a database with healthy snacks, particularly those involving fruits and veggies, and pick up the ingredients at the grocery store. Perhaps if I can make the snacks sound more appealing, I will opt for them.

Motivation: Completed! Work the completion of health goals into my daily to-do spreadsheet…this helped quite a bit, and now they are permanently apart of the routine.

Education: Completed! Get re-acquainted with sparkpeople…I’m going to add a sparkpeople points category this week.

Exercise: Failed! Wii fit average 5 min/day…I started it too late in the week and didn’t catch up.

Steps: Completed! Achieve an average of 4,000 steps/day...and then some.

This Week’s Goals…

Water:  Drink an average of 24 ounces/day this week…Attempt #2

Hooping: Hoop an average of 6 min/per day

Nutrition: Eat 3 fruit/veggie snacks this week…Attempt #2

Motivation: Post to HCR

Education: Create database of health snack ideas, add some ingredients to grocery list this week.

Exercise: Yoga for an average of 5 min/day

Steps: Achieve an average of 4,500 steps/day

Spark Points: Earn 25 points on sparkpeople.

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