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Another movie from the IMDB Top 250

April 24, 2011

This past Friday was Movie Night #2.

I asked my friends who wished to participate in future movie nights (5 friends + Jimmy) to submit a list of the movies from the top 250 they each definitely wanted to watch, and then I created a spreadsheet so we can easily figure out what the ideal movie is to watch.

This Friday, it was just Meghan, Tommy, Jimmy and I. We decided to watch “Dial M for Murder” which was on the lists of Meghan, Tommy and I, but it was not on the lists of the friends who were absent.

Wikipedia entry:

Dial M for Murder is a 1954 American thriller film adapted from a successful stage play and directed by Alfred Hitchcock and released byWarner Bros. It stars Ray Milland as a retired tennis pro who wishes to have his wife killed, Grace Kelly as the wife, and Robert Cummingsas her paramour. The supporting cast includes John Williams as the police detective who investigates the matter and Anthony Dawson as the man hired to do the killing.”

I’m very pleased we decided to watch this movie. I love mysteries. This story was a bit creepy (but not scary, at all), and had some interesting plot twists. It was like reading a murder mystery novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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