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What happened?

April 11, 2011

Sometime in February, I stopped posting my Motivational Mondays. In the following weeks, my health-related goals got put on the back-burner…I stuck with hooping nightly far longer than any of my other goals, but as the thesis submission deadline approached, my attention was driven elsewhere and I stopped hooping altogether.

Life is back to normal now…well, as normal as things get for me. 😉 Last week I submitted my thesis, so now I don’t have an excuse- do I? Nope. That’s why I’m going to start turning things around this week.

Weight Change: -3.1 from previous record; +.9 from initial (Really? It really feels like I’ve gained weight these past few weeks.)

Goals this Week:

Water: Drink an average of 16 ounces/day this week

Hooping: Hoop an average of 5 min/per day

Nutrition: Eat 3 fruit/veggie snacks this week

Motivation: Post to HCR

Education: Get re-acquainted with sparkpeople

Exercise: Wii fit average 5 min/day

Steps: Remember to put my pedometer on at least 3 days.

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