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Time for an Extended Metaphor

April 7, 2011

I feel compelled to use an extended metaphor…I love extending metaphors to the point of ridiculousness. And Stacy and Kj, I miss you both right now because I know you enjoy the same thing. I can recall several very hysterical conversations we have had that involved extending a metaphor well beyond where it should have stopped. 😉

A little over three years ago, I took a walk in the woods. I didn’t have any particular destination in mind; but I needed to go for a walk. I wandered around here and there, stopped in a few places and traveled down a couple paths. Then, I stumbled upon an intriguing cave. I decided, “what the hell?”…and that was the start of a journey that took far longer than I expected. The cave turned out to be a system of caves with lots of winding passages and many obstacles. More than once, I found myself utterly lost. In fact, I spent months traveling down this one tunnel that I thought was going to lead me to the other side; but alas it was a dead end! I had to backtrack and find a new path out. Last year, I started a steep upward climb…I stumbled several times and it seemed like I was getting closer to the surface, yet the cave was completely dark and no signs indicated I was near the end. A few months ago, the air began to smell cleaner…I was getting close, but I couldn’t see the end. A few weeks ago, the steep climb began to even out, and I turned a corner…and lo..there was the exit. I began running towards the cave exit, dodging various obstacles a long the way.  The beginning of this week, I stumbled upon a huge chasm. Summing up my last bit of strength, I launched myself over the chasm. I managed to land on the other side, further than I expected, and relatively unscathed. The last major hurdle between the exit and I had been dealt with. Now, I am quickly sprinting towards the light…stopping to tie my shoe, put on my jacket, flip up the hood, and preparing to go out into the rain. Next week, I will be out in the woods, wandering again, looking for the next path.

In summary, the defense is done. I passed. The thesis has to be submitted tomorrow.

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