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Update on Life

February 13, 2011


Thesis: Nope, not yet. Still plugging away. I lot of time I am just waiting for the next set of feedback…if only the feedback would go quicker. I want to be done already!

Job Hunt: Nope, no job prospects either. I’ve applied to several places, but not even an interview yet.

Makeup: I’ve made my own mineral makeup! I think it came out pretty well. 🙂 I’ve been wearing it everyday. The great thing about mineral makeup is it lets your skin breathe, so there are no negatives to wearing it. And some mineral combos are even good for your skin. I’m mainly just working with neutral tones for now. I’ve made: eyeshadow (3 colors), foundation, blush (2 colors), and lipstick.

Soap: I wish I had more time to soap. In fact, I wish I had some investors so I could start a business and just make soap. I could make soap all day long. I love playing with colors and scents!

Bachelor Challenge: I’m having oodles of fun with this!

D&D: We are playing again! Our first game since the hiatus was yesterday. Great to be playing again!

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