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Progress on the 101 After Thesis?

February 8, 2011

It’s been over a month since I’ve looked at my list of 101 things to do after I have completed my thesis. Granted, I STILL haven’t finished my thesis, but that’s another story….sigh…

Changes will appear in blue & bold

Completed Goals-

10.) Get the Sims console game for Wii

30.) Relocate Piggy to the office

40.) Make my mom her soap

41.) Send my dad some soap

51.) Make at least 10 holiday/winter soaps

60.) Start Christmas present “shopping” (really “creation” is more appropriate since most items will be homemade again)

61.) Decorate house for the holidays

84.) Lights Before Christmas @ the Zoo

88.) Shop for one week’s worth of groceries with every item being on sale or having a coupon**

97.) Re-read “The Autobiography of Santa Claus”

98.) Read “How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas”

99.) Read “The Great Santa Search”

1) Plan a D&D Session

11) Update Resume

13) Apply for 5 teaching positions

38) Write a letter to Kate

46) Invite people over to watch 1776.

52.) Repackage and sort all remaining soaps

53.) Get soap sales going online again

62.) Start getting my water intake back up to 64oz+

63.) Start hooping again

64.) Wii Fit Daily

65.) Get back on track with weekly health goals, motivational Mondays, and HCR wellness

72.) Start using pedometer to increase steps

74.) Start planning August Maine trip

79.) Recruit a dozen intelligent and creative people to play another round of Mafia

Remaining Goals

2.) Schedule a D&D Marathon

3.) Post some RP questions on the D&D yahoo! group

4.) Organize my D&D desk- In progress

5.) Write summaries of where each D&D group is

6.) Floor plans for the Guild

7.) Guild Upgrade

8.)  Start a “round the campfire” or “at the guild” discussion for the D&D group- I did try this, but it failed to take off. I’ll try this again soon.

9.) Finish my Sims Bachelor Challenge- In progress

12.) Spend 10 hours working on ChaCha

14.) Find 5 medical microbiology jobs I can apply for- In progress

15.) Find 5 ecology/environmental microbio jobs I can apply for- In progress

16.) E-mail Tomas to see if he is still in touch with people at GLERL and knows anyone who needs a lab tech

17.) E-mail the Firefly RPG list

18.) Recruit more players for the Firefly RPG to replace ones that have left

19.) Finish Firefly Characters

20.) Begin Firefly Game

21.) Start up my “Eight Cats” blog

22.) Make 10 posts for my Eight Cats blog

23.) Do 3 product reviews for my Eight Cats blog

24.) Do a thorough cleaning of the basement/game room

25.) Do a thorough cleaning of the front room

26.) Complete 5 entries from “50 Ways to Pamper Your Cat”

27.)  Thoroughly* clean the kitchen

28.) Thoroughly* clean the living room

29.) Thoroughly* clean my office

31.) Thoroughly* clean the guest room

32.) Thoroughly* clean my bedroom

33.) Thoroughly* clean the bathroom

34.) Thoroughly* clean my extra bathroom

35.) Sort through all my clothes and freecycle a bunch

36.) Empty my personal e-mail inbox

37.) Empty my school e-mail inbox

39.) Write a letter to Emma- In Progress

42.) Get living room tank up and running again

43.) Stock living room tank

44.) Oatmeal Raspberry Soap

45.) Facial Soap

47.) Have party.

48.) Blueberry Soap

49.) Get Soap trials in order

50.) Make next round of soap trials

54.) Update soap blog 10 times

55.) Make 1st test batch of Lindsey’s special order

56.) Post 3 HCR Ecology Assignments

57.) Post 3 HCR Seasons Assignments

58.) Do all available HCR assignments

59.) Take a day off and do nothing productive (the day after thesis submission is a likely candidate)

62.) Make 3 meals from my MasterChef cookbook- 1/3

66.) Participate in a small read-a-thon

67.) Update my book club

68.) Recruit 3 new people to the book club

69.) Get a new book club list going

70.) Get book club active- new activity? swap? reading buddies?

71.) Get book club bingo started again

73.) Update Maine Trip Blog

75.) Catchup on Hulu

76.) Start Wedding planning

77.) Bake, use or toss all mixes in my kitchen cabinets

78.) Collect a decent pile o’ swag for geocaching purposes

80.) Read: Countdown to my Perfect Wedding

81.) Read: The Best Wedding Reception Ever

82.) Read: The other book that is in a stack of stuff on my desk that I don’t remember the name to or feel like accessing at the moment

83.) Start planning my Disney trip again

85.) I’ve decided not to do my zoo project; although it would be fun, I don’t have the time.

86.) Make 10 cookies from my holiday recipe cookie collection**

87.) Volunteer 5 hours**

89.) Update 101 list

90.) Update 101 blog posts**

91.) Publish a paper**

92.) Finish Book Lists 1-3**

93.) Take 3 photos a day for a month**

94.) Play Walmart Bingo**

95.) Random day adventure**

96.) Start watching the IMDB Top 250 movies; create a list and try a weekly movie night**

*Thoroughly = wash walls, clean out cabinets and drawers, the works!

** Related to a DZP goal


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  1. February 8, 2011 1:38 pm

    That’s pretty ambitious! Good luck!

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