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Motivational Monday

February 7, 2011

Goals completed last week (4/7): (Still increasing the % I get done!)

– Eat Breakfast Twice a Week

– Hoop an average of 3 min/day (I did an average of 4 minutes!).

– Post in HCR

– Average 4100 steps (I averaged over 5000).

Did not complete:

– Reading the new cook this/not that… (AGAIN!)

– Drink 32oz of water for 4 days… (AGAIN)…I got a lot closer. I averaged 26 ounces/day.

– Average 15 minutes per day on the wii fit (also got closer 12 min./day; I missed a day)

Weight Change: +1.7 from previous record; +3.6 from initial (Dang.)

Goals this Week:

Nutrition: Complete Kim’s Mini Challenge

Water: Drink an average of 32 ounces/day this week.

Exercise: Average 15 minutes per day

Motivation: Post progress in HCR group

Education: Read the new Cook This, Not That book (attempt #4)

Steps: My average last week was 5300. This week I want to aim for 5500.

Hooping: Hoop an average of 4 min/per day


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