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January 30, 2011

This is Lenny Shutter. He takes leaks on pieces of modern art.

Jimmy gave me Late Night, the newest Sims expansion, for Christmas. I finally installed it today. Why did it take so long? Well, my computer really sucks and playing the Sims is tedious on it. However, I was missing my Simmies today, so I installed the new expansion pack and took Sims breaks today.

Since I needed to explore this new expansion pack, I chose to play in its representative city, Bridgeport. I then chose a pre-generated Sim to play, Lenny Shutter.

Lenny is an interesting fellow. He moved to the big city to take pictures of famous celebrities, despite being totally unskilled with a camera (though his apartment has a dark room). He really wants to be a celebrity himself. He is obsessed with the ladies- his lifetime goal is to woohoo with 5 different sims in 5 different locations (adventurous!). He also enjoys the party scene. His professional choice, however, was not panning out; he decided to take a different career path. He chose Law Enforcement (I’m still trying to figure out why, it may have something to do with his boss being a hottie, though).

Lenny is a bit of a scrub in appearance. His traits include: artistic, handy, excitable, brave and hot-headed. His favorite color is yellow, and he enjoys french toast and electronic music. He has a denim jacket and a leather one. His favorite cocktail is the Bad Cheerleader.

On my first day with Lenny, he requested a trip to the art gallery. While there, he tried to impress a celebrity but got bored fairly quickly, so we started talking up this young blonde in purple fishnets. The conversation was going well until Lenny had to take a leak.

This gallery has some more modern pieces including a piece that had a urinal as part of it.

Lenny chose to do his business there. On the art piece. In front of a room full of people.

When you first play a Sim, especially a pre-gen that you didn’t create, you need sometime before you fall in love with them, and actually care about their life. This moment was when I began to adore Lenny, and I knew I was going to stick with him till the day he dies.

Lenny & I have developed a schedule. During the week, he goes to work, then comes home and plays the guitar or works on skills he needs to improve his job performance. On Saturdays, he cleans his apartment, goes grocery shopping and then completes a few of his current wants. On Sundays, we focus solely on his lifetime goal.

Lenny isn’t very dedicated to Law Enforcement. I think it will just be a money-maker for us right now. I am hoping his guitar skills improve enough where he can form a band. I think a band will provide Lenny more access to the celebrity style he desires and he can hopefully get some groupies.

He has already received one promotion in his Law Enforcement path. And I’m expecting more since he came really close to woohooing the boss last night. 😉

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