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Motivational Monday

January 17, 2011

Goals completed last week (2.5/4):

– Use the Wii Fit 4 days

– Remember to post the next motivational Monday

– Drink 32oz per day for 4 days (I half-assed this one…I definitely drank more water, but I didn’t keep track of it every day and I probably didn’t get all the way to the full 32)

Did not complete:

– Reading the new cook this/not that….totally forgot about this goal.

Weight Change: +.9 from previous record; +3.9 from initial (we are going in the wrong direction!)

Goals this Week:

Nutrition: Cook 1 meal from one of my healthy cooking resources

Water: Drink 32+ ounces of water for 4 days- again!

Exercise: Use the Wii Fit for 4 days for at least 15 minutes (shut up, some of the strength exercises are tough!)

Motivation: Post in the HCR group.

Education: Read the new Cook This, Not That book- again!

Steps: Calibrate pedometer and start working on a baseline

Hooping: Hoop 1 minute every day

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  1. January 17, 2011 9:43 pm

    Congrats with your goals. I’ve managed to do one recipe, finish one book and watch one film…so far this year.

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