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Castle is my Favorite Show

January 11, 2011

Sorry, I just had to share because I only realized it myself last night.

I don’t usually ponder what my favorite tv show, and if someone asks I give them a long list of current ones; or I simply say “Firefly.” Firefly still *is* my favorite show of all-time, but its no longer on, so it doesn’t always qualify as an answer to the question, “What’s your favorite show?”

Well, now I have an answer. It’s Castle. Last night I realized that every time I watch an episode I always post about it in my facebook…a quote or just about how much I love it. It makes me laugh out loud quite often, it makes me “squee” with glee, makes me cry, makes me go “aww….”. It is always provoking an emotion from me. I love the characters, the story, the actors, the writing…it references other shows I love (firefly, the x-files). There is nothing wrong with the show, it is perfect.

Add that to the fact it has Nathan Fillion, and it is one of my favorite genres (crime, detectives, murder), and…

It is my favorite show. No doubt about it.

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