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The Perfect Game

November 22, 2010

Everyone knows my favorite genre is fantasy…Knights, swords, dragons, castles, tavern wenches, quests, kings, blacksmiths….love it. I’ve enjoy castles and dragons since I was a kid. I love Lord of the Rings and play Dungeons & Dragons.

Equally as known is my love for the Sims PC game series. Since high school, friends and acquaintances alike have associated me with “The Sims”. I played SimTown, SimCity and almost all the other precursors to the Sims. I have possessed all the expansions to both Sims 1 and Sims 2. I did at least 2 school projects using the Sims. Sims 3 is less of an obsession for me because I am poor and my computer is old, so it runs slow. I want to play, but as soon as I try I get bored of the choppy game movement- it is really frustrating.

BEHOLD…..the game that was designed specifically for me, I believe, The Sims Medieval!


This game isn’t even out yet, and I am already head over heels for it. This is my perfect game. Thus far, all the previews I have seen have met or exceed my expectations given the title. Not only does this game have an awesome premise, they are executing it with as much care as the official Sims series.

The game has more structure than The Sims (yay! I like having direction), but still has lots of freedom. You still do the normal Sim thing, but your Sims have jobs (wizard, physician, blacksmith, king, spy). You have a goal for your kingdom that you need to achieve, and you have quests (Sims D&D style? OMG!).  Plague, executions, dueling, monks and carrier pigeons. Awesome.

The screenshots look gorgeous.

Main page:

Release: March

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  1. November 24, 2010 9:40 pm

    Ultra cool!! It’s about time the Sims folks paid attention to their #1 fan!!! LOLOL

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