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Belated Wordle

November 18, 2010

Here’s the world I was supposed to post yesterday. Let’s see laptop, desktop, work, program, thesis, editing…yeah, that about sums things up.

Thus far, this week has been better than last week….no cat medical emergencies (okay, well, Harree broke a tooth…but just the end, he will be joining Miles and Mel at their Vet appt tomorrow)….laptop is on the mend, not completely okay, but definitely functional…I haven’t been yelled at via e-mail this week…thesis work has been slow due to technological issues, but I think I’ve made some good progress….I think I have almost convinced Jimmy to buy me the Sims 3 for the Wii…It is difficult to justify the expense when, in a month or so, I will be jobless…I completed a DZP goal today…our entire week’s groceries consisted of coupon-items (with the exception of a $1 box of Meijer-brand candy canes, which I hold exempt)…and I have my 1st box of candy canes for the season…woohoo!

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