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Another Quickie

November 12, 2010

My luck hasn’t turned for the better yet, but I’m happy to say it didn’t get any worse today.

Fred is doing…okay…things were good for most of the day, but he has managed to irritate the surgery site a little bit. Nothing like last night, of course, but enough for me to be even more paranoid about him. Miles was SO easy- he didn’t even bother it when we had his collar off. It was like Miles didn’t even know anything happened. Fred is obsessed with trying to clean it. :/

My computer is still broken too…still working on that.

But nothing NEW has gone wrong, which is something, right?

I’ve started reading “The Autobiography of Santa Claus”….a bit early but…1) I needed something to do when I am hanging out with Fred in the bedroom, 2) I just finished reading a book, so I needed a new one and I am a one book at a time person, 3) I want to read all 3 books in the Christmas Chronicles before Christmas this year, and given my current amount of free time, this will be a very slow process and 4) I need the optimistic/positive/goodwill thinking right now. I need to believe in Santa. šŸ˜‰

This is another quick post cause its late, and Jimmy was considering taking over the desktop to play a game (it is the gaming machine, afterall), but I need to use it to post since the laptop is currently running Ad-Aware in Safe Mode.

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