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Hoping My Luck Turns Around Soon!

November 11, 2010

This is going to be a quick post…since its already 11pm…I just wanted to sneak it in before midnight to make sure I didn’t ruin my streak for NaBloPoMo.

This has been a really, really rough week…

There has been a lot of little things that have just gone wrong…nothing is working my way. And I still don’t feel well. On top of that though, three major things have gone wrong:

1. Von sent me my results back refusing to edit them for the second time since they aren’t up to his “publication” standards. Don’t get me started. This means my editing is going to go well beyond Thanksgiving, I am going to miss the deadline for graduation this semester (which I already knew), and me being able to celebrate Christmas has come into serious question.

2. My lappy is infected with some very annoying and malicious piece of spyware/virus/malwhatevercrap that is making it all foobarred and is taking forever to fix it (another reason for the short post, since the browser could crash at any moment. <—This is not helping and really the worst timing. I can’t even remember the last time I had a computer virus (I have like 6 scanning programs).

3.  Fred had his surgery today, and we were back home less than an hour and he managed to aggravate the surgical site (or his mom cleaned him, she could also be to blame)…blood everywhere- seriously, all over the house…so freaking scary…had to spend a couple hours at the vet, and now I can’t let him out of my sight. On the plus aside…I have an AWESOME vet. She stayed late to fix him…she very throughly checked everything and explained to me what she did…she gave me some antibiotics just to be safe…and she didn’t charge me a dime. She is the BEST. Yes, the vet office will be receiving a basket of handmade soaps for Christmas this year. Seriously, they are the best. When I move away from Toledo, can I take them with me?

Anyway…can my luck please turn around? Please, please, please. Three bad things should be enough right?

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