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Wednesday’s Wordle- A Visual Summary

November 10, 2010

Here is this week’s lovely Wordle, and I think it sums up my life right now nicely …remaining …thesis …quantity …time …evening …day …all words that are haunting me right now. But then we have nice words like soap, Christmas, Santa, Claus, holiday…floating about.

Today was only slightly better than yesterday since it didn’t involve any bad news, but my situation hasn’t changed and I go back and forth between bawling and feeling that I am stupid, inadequate and shouldn’t be  scientist to feeling angry and that it isn’t my fault and finally to being stoic and just pushing-through. I used to think I was a reasonably intelligent human being that could write decently enough when I needed to (no, blog writing is not an example of my best work…I write in here like I would a journal)….but no, I am a failure at it. Yesterday was a terrible day because for the SECOND time, Von sent me back my results section refusing to edit it because it was too awful. I wrote my 1st version in JULY. It should be done, but nope…I suck.

Oh well, I’ll miss Christmas this year. It’ll be fine. When it is done, its done…and I can get back to the things I love. Til then I will just have to settle for dreams of geocaching, D&D and soap-making. :p


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