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Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

November 8, 2010

Sorry folks, but this post is primarily going to be me complaining and moaning about my thesis, because…well, I do nothing else right now, so what else am I supposed to talk about?

My schedule is like this:

Sunday (day, evening): Thesis

Monday (day): Thesis

Monday (evening): TA Time- Go over lab for this week in preparation for tomorrow’s meeting.

Tuesday (day, evening): TA Time- Meeting with coordinator, prep lab materials in the lab, office hours, then going over the powerpoint, etc…in the evening

Wednesday (day, evening): TA Time- lab, office hours, grading

Thursday (day): TA Time- grading

Thursday (evening): Thesis, and usually grocery shopping, etc…

Friday (day): Seminar or URM meeting (more TA), and sometimes extra office hours by request; if not, then Thesis

Friday (evening): Thesis, unless we still need to go shopping

Saturday (day, evening): Thesis

If it weren’t for my time-consuming TA assignment this year, I’d probably be in very good shape. I had planned on having a TA assignment that was equivalent to all my previous ones, or perhaps a little better. But no, I got my most time-consuming one yet. Not that I don’t like the assignment…I have a great class of students and if this were any other semester, I would be very happy with my assignment. It is enjoyable, and not boring like others I’ve had. And if this were last fall, I’d request this TA again. But, I’m not happy with it right now.

The last couple of weeks I haven’t felt very good…mostly related to my digestive tract, but overall just really crumby. Jimmy thinks it may be a physical manifestation of my current psychological state…Okay, that isn’t what HE said. He said something along the lines of me being sick of my thesis, and the stress and anxiety is making my body sick too.

Sunday and today have not been very productive thesis days (even though according to my above schedule, they are two of my prime days). Why? I had nothing to edit until 5pm tonight- up until then, my advisor had the most recent version of all of my sections. Despite the fact the methods were last sent to him in September, he didn’t get another section to me until today. So two perfectly good days wasted. Well, no entirely true. I did some TA stuff and some organizing of the living room. Still, I would rather have been doing thesis stuff.

I’m not going to make the deadline. I already know that. I still am trying to finish as quickly as possible because I want to enjoy life again, but I know I am going to be filling out the paperwork that means I still finish this semester, but I don’t get my diploma til next semester. Boooooooo. I wanted to be done for Thanksgiving, especially where we have people coming to visit and thanks to football, the plans can’t be canceled. So tack on the added stress of having to clean my house- including the kittens old room which is a disaster.

I’m getting tired, so I’m going to leave this here…hopefully tomorrow’s post will be less grumpy. Well, it is post-it note Tuesdays…everything looks happier on a virtual post-it note, right?





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