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Soapi Opi Update

November 6, 2010

As many of you have probably surmised, my soap-crafting has been put on hold in favor of finishing up my thesis. I don’t take days off anymore, so I haven’t even had time to do a simple batch for myself! Hopefully, however, this evil thesis business will be over in a few weeks, and I can go back to making soap. 🙂

Soap Trials: I absolutely plan on continuing these once I get my time back! I’m having a great time with these and I am find out invaluable information. I appreciate all of your participation! Don’t worry if you don’t remember what soap we were on, or if you can’t find a link. I will update everyone, send out links to missing surveys, etc…before I begin making new bars. Stay tuned!

Special Requests/Orders: After my soap trials are complete, I will work on making some special requests for people. I’ve been asked to make a larger batch of the blueberry, facial, balancing, and oatmeal raspberry. I also have a special order that I will begin creating test bars of. I will not be accepting any special requests or special orders until I have caught up on my current list.

Holiday Soaps: Yes, I still plan on creating holiday soaps, however, please do not count on them for your holiday gift-giving this year. There may not be enough time to ship the products to ensure you get them for Christmas time. I will post pictures and information as soon as they are available, but I may only have time to produce one or two styles. This saddens me greatly because I have SO many awesome ideas, but just like so many other things, my thesis has ruined this too.

Newest Soap for Sale: My most recent soap creations can be found at my mother’s gift shop. My inspirational line is sold exclusively at her shop, the Butterfly Garden, located at 26 Herring Pond Road, Bourne, Massachusetts.

The “Extras” Box: I do have some soaps for sale that are leftovers from this summer. You are welcome to purchase these. If you are having them shipped, please note there is an additional shipping cost, which I can estimate for you after you have sent in your order. Shipping may take a few days due to my schedule. These are all on sale! ( Below prices are $1 off original price).

$3 Each (~3 to 4 ounces):

Passionfruit & Guava Little Piggy (has piggy eraser inside; and body glitter) (Qty Remaining: 1)

Chocolate Fudge with Cocoa Butter (Qty Remaining: 2)

Pearberry Little Piggy (has piggy eraser inside; and body glitter) (Qty Remaining: 1)

Blueberry Little Piggy (has piggy eraser inside; and body glitter) (Qty Remaining: 1)

$2 Each (~3 to 4 ounces):

Lilac (Qty Remaining: 7)

Yuzu- Sweet Japanese Grapefruit (Qty Remaining: 4)

Coconut (Qty Remaining: 4)

Orange Blossom: Aloe & honey mix with blueberry seed exfoliant (Qty Remaining: 7)

Applejack & Orange Peel (Bar) (Qty Remaining: 1)

Creamsicle: (Qty Remaining: 2)

$1 Each (~2 ounces):

Orange Blossom (stars) (Qty Remaining: 2)

4 Bars for $2 (sample bars; ~1 ounce):

Honey & Nuts (Qty Remaining: 4)

Oatmeal Black Raspberry (Qty Remaining: 3)

Cold Water (Qty Remaining: 1)

Celestial Waters (Qty Remaining: 4)

Oatmeal (Qty Remaining: 1)

Clean (Qty Remaining: 5)

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