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101 Things I Want to Do Right After I Defend; Part 4

November 4, 2010

And now for the continuation of this list…

66.) Participate in a small read-a-thon

67.) Update my book club

68.) Recruit 3 new people to the book club

69.) Get a new book club list going

70.) Get book club active- new activity? swap? reading buddies?

71.) Get book club bingo started again

72.) Start using pedometer to increase steps

73.) Update Maine Trip Blog

74.) Start planning August Maine trip

75.) Catchup on Hulu

76.) Start Wedding planning

I was planning on working more on this list, but things aren’t going well here at the moment. Two of my three kittens were “fixed” today…Miles is doing well, but Melody needs a constant babysitter. She really, really doesn’t like her collar and she flips out about it every few minutes- badly enough where she could injury herself. Without the collar, she pulls at her stitches. She is still groggy from the surgery too, so she is stumbling everywhere. 😦

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