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Wednesday Wordle

November 3, 2010

Above is this week’s wordle. Funny, I thought “thesis” would be bigger. Definitely wasn’t expecting “clean” to top the charts!

Today the lab I teach went to the zoo. I gave my students an option of coming with me, or going by themselves. Eight of the 14 opted to join me, and they opted to walk around the zoo as a class. We had a good time.

I’ve decided that next year, I am going to try to get the most out of my zoo membership. I’m going to go to the zoo once per month, and I am going to try to go during events that represent the season/month. If no activities or events are going on, I will either just go to the zoo as usual, take a class at the zoo, or check out one of the “reciprocal zoos”. I will create a blog where I will post monthly about my zoo adventures, and I will calculate how much money I save with my membership. I think the zoo membership is a fantastic deal, and I love my zoo, so I want to showcase that. 🙂 Each trip, I can bring one friend with me for free…so if you are interested, let me know.

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