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101 Things I Want to Do Right After I Defend; Part 3

November 1, 2010

Jealous of all the Halloween festivities! I wish I was partaking, but alas…thesis is still not done. I’m going to make up for it this Christmas :)…or maybe I will have a party when I am done that is Halloween PLUS Christmas…that could be really fun…we’ll call it a “fusion party”. Peppermint flavored candy corn treats…people can dress up, but as Christmas/Winter beings…okay, I am digging this too much now…

Just talked with Jimmy (seriously, I stopped typing and went over and chatted with him…)…and he’s down with this idea too. We’ll take all the elements of your normal Halloween party and winterize them. LOVE IT.

Back to the list:

46.) Plan Christweengiving  (I wanted to call it Hallowmas, but that is already taken) party.

47.) Execute party.

48.) Blueberry Soap

49.) Get Soap trials in order

50.) Make next round of soap trials

51.) Make at least 10 holiday/winter soaps

52.) Repackage and sort all remaining soaps

53.) Get soap sales going online again

54.) Update soap blog 10 times

55.) Make 1st test batch of Lindsey’s special order

56.) Post 3 HCR Ecology Assignments

57.) Post 3 HCR Seasons Assignments

58.) Do all available HCR assignments

59.) Take a day off and do nothing productive (the day after thesis submission is a likely candidate)

60.) Start Christmas present “shopping” (really “creation” is more appropriate since most items will be homemade again)

61.) Decorate house for the holidays

62.) Start getting my water intake back up to 64oz+

62.) Make 3 meals from my MasterChef cookbook

63.) Start hooping again

64.) Wii Fit Daily

65.) Get back on track with weekly health goals, motivational Mondays, and HCR wellness

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