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101 Things I Want to Do Right After I Defend My Thesis; Part 2

October 30, 2010

Yet another day of editing- yes, I am aware it is Saturday and I should be taking the day off. But, I can’t. The only days off from my thesis are the days when I teach!

So, I present to you for my own amusement, as I am sure you don’t care…Part 2 of my list of: 101 Things I want to Do Right After I Defend My Thesis.

26.) Complete 5 entries from “50 Ways to Pamper Your Cat”

27.)  Thoroughly* clean the kitchen

28.) Thoroughly* clean the living room

29.) Thoroughly* clean my office

30.) Relocate piggy to the office

31.) Thoroughly* clean the guest room

32.) Thoroughly* clean my bedroom

33.) Thoroughly* clean the bathroom

34.) Thoroughly* clean my extra bathroom

35.) Sort through all my clothes and freecycle a bunch

36.) Empty my personal e-mail inbox

37.) Empty my school e-mail inbox

38.) Write a letter to Kate

39.) Write a letter to Emma

40.) Make my mom her soap

41.) Send my dad some soap

42.) Get living room tank up and running again

43.) Stock living room tank

44.) Oatmeal Raspberry Soap

45.) Facial Soap


*Thoroughly = wash walls, clean out cabinets and drawers, the works!

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