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101 Things I Want to Do Right After I Defend My Thesis

October 29, 2010

I’m starting a list of 101 things I want to do after I finish my thesis, since I miss my life. This isn’t like my 101 list where the items could take awhile to complete, these are all things I need to/want to/should complete after my defense but hopefully before Christmas. These are in no particular order…

1) Plan a D&D session

2) Schedule a D&D Marathon

3) Post some RP questions on the D&D yahoo! group

4) Organize my D&D desk

5) Write summaries of where each D&D group is

6) Floor plans for the Guild

7) Guild Upgrade

8) Start a “round the campfire” or “at the guild” discussion for the D&D group

9) Finish my Sims Bachelor Challenge

10) Get The Sims 3 Console game for the Wii

11) Update Resume

12) Spend 10 hours working on ChaCha

13) Find 5 teaching positions I can apply for

14) Find 5 medical microbiology jobs I can apply for

15) Find 5 ecology/environmental microbio jobs I can apply for

16) E-mail Tomas to see if he is still in touch with people at GLERL and knows anyone who needs a lab tech

17) E-mail the Firefly RPG list

18) Recruit more players for the Firefly RPG to replace ones that have left

19) Finish Firefly Characters

20) Being Firefly Game

21) Start up my “Eight Cats” blog

22) Make 10 posts for my Eight Cats blog

23) Do 3 product reviews for my Eight Cats blog

24) Do a thorough cleaning of the basement/game room

25) Do a thorough cleaning of the front room

(To Be Continued…)

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