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Current 101 Activities

September 19, 2010

Not that I have anytime at all to work on things…my thesis has taken over my life. :/ But these (points below) activities shouldn’t be too challenging…

26.) Lose 10 lbs- Self-explanatory! I’ve started hooping again, and I’m using my Eat This, Not That books again. Nothing particularly drastic.

38.) Have fruit or veggie for a snack at least 5 times per week for a month- Really, I am going to aim for once a day…but then if I miss a day, I just have to make sure I am more careful for the rest of the week. The point of this exercise is to get me to actively choose to have a piece of fruit or some veggies instead of the complex carbs I love so much…like cheeze-its. Dinner doesn’t count since I usually have fruit or veggies with dinner. However, adding an apple to my breakfast does count, so does replacing the chips I was going to have with my sandwich with carrots, or eating some strawberries after dinner for dessert. But adding lettuce, tomato or onion to my sandwich doesn’t count..since I often do that anyway.

78.) Reach “Ambassador” Rank in GeoChallenge- This is another goal that has to be changed…but only just slightly. They are getting rid of the GeoChallenge game…but I found a new set of geography games…they are a bit less cute and fun, but there is more variety. Ultimately, completing these games will lead to the same result as the original goal…improved geographic knowledge.

On a side note, I am consider making one of my reassigned goals the couch to 5k program….I’d like to have a buddy, if anyone is interested.

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