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Hmm…maybe I should have 25 contestants…

September 13, 2010

Well, I currently only have 6 official contestants…however, a) I had someone tell me I can go check out their sim page and use as many as I’d like; b) I can randomly generate some; and c) I can continue begging for more.

So, I may want to do the full 25 like in the show…I started doing some “research” to find out more about the show- I wanted to know how much the previously written challenges were like the actual show.

Usually, the challenges just have 1 house full of Sims…so 7 contestants.

But, if you know me, you know I like to do everything overboard…I’m kind of thinking it would be fun to do the full 25 contestants…I’d do it by separating them into 5 separate houses (5 per house) and the bachelor could go to each house for a group date kind of thing…I’m still coming up with the rules.

Anyway, this means I need more contestants!!! So please, submit one! If you already have, submit another…a greater chance you’ll have one make it to the finals!

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