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The Ocean is Just Outside My Door

August 8, 2010

After a long few days, we are finally back home in Massachusetts.

The plan was to leave on Thursday, but Jimmy had an observing run Tuesday evening, and we decided it would be best to wait until Friday to leave to give him time to return to a normal sleep schedule. 13-14 hours is a long drive by itself, nevermind when you don’t have enough sleep.

But Thursday led to car problems…I swear the Taurus does not like to leave Ohio…and the problems weren’t resolved til Thursday night. We didn’t get to bed 2am…so we decided instead of leaving late on Friday and arriving in the middle of the night, we’d leave early on Saturday.

Of course, we didn’t leave as early as I had hoped…we were up at 5:30am, out by 6:30. We arrived at Jimmy’s parents house at 7:30pm last night (we made excellent time). We left there around 9pm, stopped to pick up Papa Gino’s (oh, how I have missed thin, NY-style pizza), and headed down to my parents’ house.

For those of you who don’t know, the house I grew up in, where my mom & step-dad still live is right on the ocean. You can see the cove from there living room windows, but you need to walk down a short hill (their backyard) to actually get to it. When you head down that hill, there is a small beach house…literally on the beach (well on a short sea wall just above it)…that is where I am staying.

I never appreciated ocean views as a kid, because…well, I saw it *every* day. But now that my backyard is simply surrounded my neighbors backyards, I have more of an appreciation of the scenery.

The air also smells better….cleaner, saltier, fresh and crisp.

Despite not going to bed until around 12am, I was up this morning at 6:30am. Mornings are brighter here…must have something to do with the reflectivity of the ocean…or something.

I have a camera now…woohoo! Jimmy & I picked up a small Nikon at Sam’s Club for $107. Nothing fancy, obviously, just a point-and-shoot, but it does the job for me.

I’ll post some pictures later…if I go outside now, I’ll risk waking Jimmy up.

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