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Tribal Update 2

August 2, 2010

Well, I need something to do in between all the packing-laundry-getting-ready-business.

We smoked the bees out of their hive,  so we have been collecting honey as a food source…though I fear it won’t last long. We’ve planted a banana tree in some fertile soil, and it has sprouted. It may be awhile before we have fruit though.

I suspect our food sources could be increased by accessing the berries that are up high out of our reach. There is a “machine” or a lift of some sort that I believe will provide us access to the berries.

Securing our food source is a primary objective…we need 7,000 tech points to get the restoration tech that will allow us to rebuild more items.


Population: 8

Food Source: 34

Tech: 1135

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