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The Opi Tribe

August 2, 2010

I’ve started up a game of Virtual Villagers 3. It is a series of simple, but adorable games that I find amusing. You have a small tribe of people on an island, and you need to help them complete puzzles in order to survive. The continue to “live” while you are away…so its a fun background game to keep on since you don’t have to watch it. And I enjoy waking up in the morning and checking on the tribe to see what happened overnight. Caution: These posts will contain spoilers.

I named my tribe the “Opi”….cause apparently I lack creativity when creating tribe names.

My tribe is starting out with:

– Chuka: A 27-year old female, and the oldest member of our new tribe. She is blonde and has a bit of building skill.

– Maupiti: A 25-year old dirty blonde who is the only adult male member of the tribe. He doesn’t like jokes or exploring (boring!).

– Kei: A 25-year old female who loves holidays.

– Mua: A 20-year old female who has a small baby she is still nursing. She likes honey & clouds, but dislikes ants.

– Sirah: A 19-year old female who loves the color blue.

– Tupai: A 7-year-ld girl who doesn’t like sharks.

– Kilu: A 3-year old boy and the youngest member of our tribe.

We are low on food, and no sources of food have made themselves apparent yet. Sharks prevent us from catching fresh fish, the bees are defending the honey, and the only fruit is high up on a tree.

We found a ancient ceremonial robe. It wouldn’t fit any of the ladies, but it fit Maupiti, who then declared himself the chosen one and became the “chief”.

The tribe landed on a stretch of beach that contains the ruins of an ancient city. In one of the ancient laboratories, the tribe has begun to conduct research and tests- perhaps we can find a suitable food item soon.

We have one useable hut, and we have started a fire.

Food Storage: 191; Technology Points: 99

Edited to add photo:

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