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Slight Retraction

July 22, 2010

I’ve made the person who was the subject of that last post (and whom none of you know the identity of), quite upset.

Perhaps I  should have waited until this morning to write that post, when I had cooled off some. But, I desperately needed to vent.

That person needs to understand that they weren’t the subject of the post, but merely an example. Every Maine Trip I always get several people who complain about doing the kitchen duties, and I simply don’t understand it.

Clean-up crew has long been the most dreaded spot- and is the reason for the point system and all its complexity. In fact, if we magically never generated dishes, or made a mess, we wouldn’t even need kitchen duties since people would merrily help out in all the other activities.

Put yourself in my position, though. Organizing the Maine Trips is a huge undertaking….true, I perhaps make it more of an undertaking than it needs to be, but we’ve tried the less-planning scheme and it results in a more stressful trip, I would rather deal with it beforehand.

I’ve spent years now…in fact, its been a decade, developing these trips to make them fair and to get them to run smoothly. I’ve tried numerous different methods, I have dozens of spreadsheets, and a folder on my computer dedicated to each individual trip.

So, I get upset and offended when people complain or criticize the process. I know I shouldn’t take their criticism too seriously, but I can’t help it. I’m so tired of defending my methods, especially to new folks. Mark & Stacy who have been with the trip since its beginning back in highschool, rarely, if ever, criticize my methods since they know how many ways I have tried.

I lash out when people question the methods…I’m a pretty defensive person.

I get so many complaints….I’ve already had to deal with numerous rooming-related issues, and now it is on to kitchen-duty related issues. People always want the best rooms and to not have to do any “chores”. It ain’t gonna happen unless you work for it. Well, yeah you have to do chores no matter what…but you can arrange it so you have to do less.

New folks always have to do more chores, and get shit for rooms. But, as Carl has proved, you can move up the ranks quite quickly. We favor those who return to us continually.  Maine Trips aren’t designed for a vacation-experience…they are more of a community….the same folks returning every year (some of us twice a year), building new friendships, and having a home away from home.

I want to do Maine trips forever…I want my children to attend the Maine Trips and I want my friends’ children to do the same.

I’ve digressed…but person-who-thinks-they-are-the-subject-of-my-previous-post. Relax. You are a mere example. Hopefully, you can learn to love the Maine Trip experience, and want to return again and again…and then you will have more opportunities to reduce your point load. And trust me, you’re are not *the* most annoying incident I have had thus far. Someone else pissed me off far more- well, you didn’t even piss me off, you just made me sad and defensive- I just wasn’t able to write a blog post about them when it happened.

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