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#13: The Metroparks

May 28, 2010

This was “Attend 13 Metroparks Activities”….however, I am changing it.

For those of you not in the Toledo Area, the Toledo Metroparks are a series of 12 parks consisting of 8,000 acres of land covering a wide variety of habitats. The parks are my favorite aspect of Toledo, and are far better than anything we had back home. The parks are spread-out over the Toledo area, making them very accessible. They have all kind of wonderful educational activities & events. The parks are well cared for.  The parks have walking, hiking, biking, horse and exercise trails. Most of the activities and special events are free. Really, it is a shame to not take part in this wonderful system.

The original intent of my goal was to take full advantage of the park. However, I just looked over the program schedule for the 1st half of the summer- and there are very few activities that both interest me and fit into my schedule.

Therefore, I am changing the specifics of the task, while still maintaining the intent.

I’m going to walk every trail considered a “walking trail” by the metroparks. I’m not counting exercise, all-purpose, bicycle, horse, or the one hiking trail. This gives me 34 trails.

This has made the task more time consuming, but I think it will easier to accomplish since I can do this whenever it fits my schedule.

Technically, I have already walked most of these. However, I wasn’t keeping track, so I will be re-walking all of the ones I walked before. A little extra walking will do me some good, and fit nicely into my get healthy goals. 🙂

I’ve already made plans with Jimmy for our 1st walking expedition.

Here is the trail list. The names in bold are the park names. Not all 12 parks are listed since some of them do not have walking trails.


1) Upland Woods

2) Floodplain

3) Ridge

4) Meadow

5) Prarie

6) Corey Rd. Loop


7) Black Swamp

8) Wood Thrush

Swan Creek

9) Big Woods

10) Floodplain

11) Meadow

12) North


13) Riverview

14) Canal Locks

15) Fallen Timbers

16) Wood Duck

17) Wabash Cannonball

Oak Openings

18) Ridge

19) Horseshoe Lake

20) Sand Dunes

21) Ferns & Lakes

22) Mallard Lake

23) Evergreen

24) Springbrook Lake

25) Evergreen Lake


26) Forested Lake

27) Trilium

28) Swamp Forest

29) Woodland Pond

30) Prarie

31) Meadow


32) Wolf Rapids

33) River Bluff

34) Towpath

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  1. Erica permalink
    May 29, 2010 1:49 pm

    I was briefly confused when I hit your trail list, because I am very familiar with the Wildwood walking trails, but I know them by the names Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, and The One On The Other Side Of The Bridge. Hee.

    Sounds like a fun challenge and a nice re-working.


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