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(Delayed) Focus Friday #54

March 1, 2010

Last Friday was a bit of chaos- a broken furnace, meetings, and other things to do at night. I didn’t have any extra time, so here is my belated Focus Friday post.

Friday Focus: Each Friday I roll a d100 to select a DZP task to “focus” on for the week. #101 is make a new list when I am done with this one, so we don’t bother with that one. If I’ve already completed the task- and written the “completed” entry, I will reroll. If I can’t actually directly work on or complete the task, I will at least start the planning.

This week: #54- Make my own fragrance with essential oils.

I still need to write the “details” post for this task, so I will try to do that this week.

I’m not really big on normal perfumes, so I would like to make my own using essential oils. I want to make a scent that is distinctly me, and that Jimmy still approves of.

This week I will work on finding out how I go about making my own fragrance, and start listing some essential oils that I may want to use.

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