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Lost Characters: Season 2 to Season 3

February 25, 2010

I’m still catching up on Lost, and I have finally made it to Season 3.

Previously, I gave my thoughts on the characters comparing the middle of Season 1 to the middle of Season 2.

This post, will compare my opinion of the character from the middle of Season 2 to the beginning of Season 3.  I will post again when I am halfway through Season 3.

Here the order of how much I liked the characters in the middle of Season 2. See this post for my reasoning.

1) Saiyd

2) Jack

3) Hurley

4) Sawyer

5) Jin

6) Shannon

7) Sun

8.) Kate

9) Mr. Eko

10) Rose/Bernard-

11) Charlie

12) Claire

14) Boone

15) Walt

16) Michael

17) John

18) Ana

And here is how my opinions have changed:

1) Jack- These first two are just about tied. I can’t help loving Jack though, he is adorable.

2) Saiyd- He seems to be returning to his old-self again. I feel like you can always count on him to save the day.

3) Sawyer- I like ’em complicated.

4) Hurley- I enjoyed the Hurley/Libby scenario. Sad it had to end.

5) Jin- I still like Jin. He’s very strong emotionally, and he really cares about Sun. Sometimes he seems misguided, but I think he’s a good man.

6) Charlie- Since the drama between him and Claire has lessened, he is back close to the top again. Actually, I think we should see more of him.

7) Mr. Eko- Mr. Eko would have been higher on my list if he didn’t go all crazy-pants recently. He got a little too intense and dramatic for me. But I love his accent.

8) Kate- She’s getting a bit more tolerable, but I still wish we had more heroine options on this darn island.

9) Sun- My opinion of her has dropped slightly since I found out she cheated on Jin, and I think she is lying about how the baby couldn’t possibly be from another man. Jin doesn’t deserve that.

10) Rose/Bernard- I wish we saw them more, though, I feel their story is pretty much told for now.

11) Claire- I still think she treated Charlie crummy- she could have tried to help him. She needs to earn her way back up my list.

12) Desmond- His place is low on my list because a) he’s new and b) I forgot about him til just now. I like him, but I am still reserving judgement. Besides- now that they have killed off ALL the new people- Ana, Libby & Eko….I’m afraid to get attached. :/

13) John- He may be heading upward, not that he could go much further down. I’m not quite as irritated as I used to be, but I’m not a fan.

14) Ana- Glad she is gone.

15) Walt- The kid really hasn’t been around much- and now will be around no longer.

16) Michael- I know he loves his kid, but there were better ways. I’m all about teamwork.

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