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Walking to Rivendell- I need a buddy!

February 22, 2010

I’m looking for a walking buddy! Any of my friends (or acquaintances) in the Toledo area looking to get a bit healthier?

I found a challenge on Sparkpeople called “Walk to Rivendell” where you attempt to walk the same distance Frodo & Company did in the Lord of the Rings as they traveled from Hobbiton to Rivendell. Not all at once, like they did, of course!

The challenge & website are older and no longer being actively updated- however, there is still lots of neat stuff. They provide you with milestones- that give you a description of where you would be in the LOTR at that milestone. The trick is to not think of the 485 miles all at once- but in milestones.

I’d like to find someone in Toledo interested in doing this challenge with me. We can walk during the week- at night or breaks during the day to walk around campus, or on the weekends, or preferably a mixture of the two. We can do shorter walks around neighborhoods and longer walks around Metroparks.

I don’t plan to travel at a fast walk…walking is walking. I love to walk for exercise, but I do so at a casual pace. I like looking around. I’m hoping to find a buddy since talking always makes things go along quicker. 🙂

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