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Characters on Lost: Season 1 vs Season 2

January 31, 2010

As many of you know, I just started watching Lost on Hulu a few weeks ago. I am now in the middle of the 2nd season, and I was thinking about how different the characters are now- after just one season- or at least, my view of the characters. The show is really all about the characters- not the plot- in my opinion.

I thought it would be fun to look at how my opinions change of each character season by season. Here is my 1st set!

Here is an ordered list of how much I liked the main characters mid-way through season 1 (from memory here).

1) Hurley

2) Charlie

3) Jack

4) Kate

5) Saiyd

6) Claire

7) John

8.) Walt

9) Sun

10) Sawyer

11) Michael

12) Jin

13) Boone

14) Shannon

And here is how they changed:

1) Saiyd- Saiyd went up significantly after we learned more about him. I love Saiyd, but I think now that Shannon has died and we are seeing less of him, he is going to start sliding down my list, unless they give him another subplot soon.

2) Jack- I really can’t believe he is still this high on my list. What can I say, I am a sucker for rational, skeptical men with hero complexes. : / I love how he is always trying to do the right thing. And he’s a cutie. My love for him spikes up and down though, sometimes I find him annoying. I thought he would have gotten “old” by now, but he’s gotten more interesting.

3) Hurley- Hurley is still funny, and I love funny. He got a little whiny for awhile, and he was heading down the list (during the whole “the numbers!” business), but right now he has a little crush on Libby, and I think its adorable.

4) Sawyer- Yes, I finally found the Sawyer love. I knew it would happen eventually, I tend to like the bad boys as much as like the heroes (and sometimes more, like the sexy slytherins). However, my love for Sawyer did not happen overnight- like when we discovered his past, etc… It has developed very slowly. I think the little things make his character.

5) Jin- My love for Jin, on the other hand, DID happen overnight…or over an episode rather. Once we learned about him, I started sympathizing with him. And he’s made a complete turn around from my being on my wish list of characters to die first, to being in my top.

6) Shannon- Another turn around! Once we learned about her, I loved her more. She didn’t want to be the useless bimbo she appeared to be, and that’s all that matters. So sad she is gone! Sadly, she was also on my list of first picks to die. 😦

7) Sun- Sun bounced up on the list when learned the whole story of her and Jin. So glad they are back together and happy.

8.) Kate- Kate was close to my top, but now that we found out what she did, she is actually sliding down my list. I was hoping all along that she was wrongly accused or something. She is also getting annoying.

9) Mr. Eko- Still need to know more about him, but he is an interesting fella.

10) Rose/Bernard- I cried when these two got back together. Best moment of the series so far. That’s why they make my list, even though they are minor characters.

11) Charlie- Sliding down on my list. His whole possessiveness of Claire and the baby is getting creepy.

12) Claire- Really this whole Charlie-Clare-Baby subplot thing is getting annoying. And she is being very dramatic, and she isn’t very understanding. And I am surprised she didn’t drive Charlie back to the drugs.

13) Libby- Seems nice. Still too early to tell.

14) Boone- Long gone now, and he was the remaining one on my top 3 picks to go first list. My respect for him had increased some before he went, still not a fan though.

15) Walt- Boring. Not really missing him.

16) Michael- He has become annoying now that Walt is missing.

17) John- I really like him for awhile, but now he’s just getting irritating. And he is all about “faith” and “believing” and the almighty powers of the island, but when Charlie experiences something weird he doesn’t even listen at all. Jerk.

18) Ana- Ugh. Hate her. Hated her before she killed Shannon.


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