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Going Home Part 2: Christmas

January 7, 2010

I wish I had a working camera, so that I could have pictures of the trip to share….sigh.

Other than things being particularly hectic since we arrived two days later than we had originally hoped, things went well. Jimmy only got to sleep for a short time on Tuesday before he had to head out as he was going to a Celtic’s game with Bill. I stayed up, so that I could wake him up on time. I spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening unpacking and organizing, and went to be early. We also got Charlie’s pizza and Greek salads for dinner. Yum!

On the 23rd, we went to Jimmy’s parents house to prepare for the party. We went to the grocery store to pick-up supplies than hung around with his parents until the guests arrived. Our annual party usually happens on the day AFTER Christmas- that is why it as known as the DAC (Day After Christmas) Party, but this year because of how the dates were going to fall, we had to move it up. Consequently, the party was pretty small. It was still fun, thought. JD, Jen, Mark, Stacy, Bill, Heather, and Tad were all in attendance. Only Heather, Bill, Jimmy, and I had WE gifts, so the White Elephant was kind of lame this year. Still, we had fun and got some interesting stuff. My favorite gift was a piece of plastic that you stick a toothpaste tube through and it helps squeeze the remaining toothpaste out when the tube gets low- it totally works!

Christmas Eve we spent with my family, as usual. My grandfather stopped by the shop for a little while, and my sister and her boyfriend joined us for dinner. My mom and I made a small buffet of appetizer like things, and we watched some Christmas movies. I got a couple of wonderful pieces of clothing from my parent’s shop, some garden flags, another freshly caught fairy, and this beautiful smelling body butter.

Christmas Day was at Jimmy’s parents house- also as usual. All his relatives stop by for an early dinner. We had ham and spiced meat. I got some great gifts- very comfy socks, an awesome CSI game, Heat Wave by Castle, lots of soaps and candles. We also finally got a food processor!

The day after Christmas, my family went to the Enchanted Village at Jordan’s furntiture. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed hanging out with my sister.

The night of the 26th we headed up to Maine.  🙂

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