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Lost Commentary…Episode 1

January 6, 2010

I wrote down my thoughts while watching the first episode of Lost.

How did that guy get so far away from the plane?

There is a plane, right?

Oh look, a shoe.

Oh jeez….

Chaos kind of reminds me of Flash Forward.

Super Doctor!

Stupid Lifeguard!

Oh no, babies.

Super Doc is wounded. 😦

Okay, got to involved and stopped writing.

Aww, fat dude is a sweetie-pie.

Umm….monsters in the forest?

We aren’t on planet earth, are we?

Doctor is an alcoholic?

Or just afraid of flying?

Didn’t the flight attendant make it?

Have we seen that lady’s husband yet? She mentions him when we flashed back to the plane…not looking good.

What about the monsters??

Stealing a dead person’s shoes…how munchkinly.

I need to play more munchkin.

Okay. Disturbing.

LMAO….. B.O.D.E.S…the kid can spell better. He means well.

Why are you giving instructions to the LIFEGUAD.

We established he was an idiot.

What’s with the dog?

And the old guy?

They are up to something.

Rain is an “end of the world” type of weather?

I think its dinosaurs. Looks very jurassic park to me.

Still want to know how Jack was so far away from the plane, but no one else was.


This story seems highly unlikely.

Charlie is….interesting.

Still think its DINOS!

Hope they don’t eat the dog. 😦

Hmm….too violent for dinos.

Big foot?

I mean Angry Big Foot.

Don’t run! Monsters like to chase!

Don’t scream! For the love of God don’t scream!!

I love monsters you don’t see, so much scarier.

Okay, that sounded like an owl.

I love Charlie.

Gargantuan quality…lol. +10 monster enhancement.

Oh no, I like Jack.

Crazy weather, reminds me of Hunger Games…like it is being controlled.

Oh, good, Jack is fine.

Dear lord what happened to the pilot.

Title of show comes last…interesting.

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