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Another short post…

November 28, 2009
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I imagine this will be another short post. I am just waiting for dinner to arrive so we can start playing D&D.

Gah, I hate rude people…I’m so annoyed…only small little instances but they are building up over time. Almost done.

My hands (and house) smell like strong but very bad coffee. In order to “age” some paper for the game tonight I needed to make up some super, duper strong instant coffee.I’m burning the balsam fir candle next to me to mask it. But my hands still smell like it.

Dinner tonight will be from Five Guys Burger & Fries. I’ve never eaten there, so I am excited to try a new place.

Hoping this session goes well, I’m pleased with the way the planning went so here’s hoping.

Gah, more rudeness. I really can’t this anymore.

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