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Remind me never to let them…

November 25, 2009

…play Madden on the Wii again. Seriously by the amount of yelling you would think there was an actual football game on. For goodness sake shut the freak up. I have a major headache and it is not necessary to shout at the top of one’s lungs at the wii remote or the screen. Boys.

It could just be that I am incredibly frustrated with my blueberry pie. Thus far, today’s cooking accomplishments have been excellent…applesauce…check…cranberry sauce…check…cornbread for stuffing…check…bacon & cheddar dip for crackers…check…the most delicious mashed potatoes I have ever experienced (likewise to the cornbread)…check… Then came this stupid blueberry pie…perhaps it is because it is late, I am tired, and there is lots of loud noise in the background but I couldn’t get my lattice to cooperate…crust was just falling apart all over the place. So, I have a yummy filling in a very ugly pie. Lets just hope I don’t burn the thing now.

I’m not even a huge fan of blueberry pie…or even most pie for that matter. I am thinking next year I will do a peanut butter pie with oreo crust…it’ll be a lot freakin’ easier. Or just say the heck with it and make cookies.

Mmmm…cookies…I’ll make some of those tomorrow or Friday…I’m planning basic chocolate chip, and simple sugar cookies since I want to use Christmas cookie cutters.

I will have surprisingly little cooking to do tomorrow. The boys are doing the turkey. I will need to heat up the potatoes, prepare the appetizers (spread w/ crackers, celery with pb, easy stuff), make the stuffing (easy), green bean casserole (easy), apple cider gravy (easy), whiskey glazed carrots, and mushrooms with stuffed brie…dammit…looks like I had more than I thought. Well, at least the majority of it is on the easy side. I think I am going to chop some veggies and put them in baggies for tomorrow if I have time tonight.

The boys fixed my canister filter…yay!…and they improved upon it…well, at least that is what they would tell you.


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