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#8) Get My Master’s Degree

November 14, 2009

8.) Get my master’s degree

Objective: To complete my Master’s degree.

Motivation: I am currently working on it, and I’d like to finish it. 🙂 A master’s degree will hopefully mean more job opportunities and more money. While my undergrad is in Environmental Science, and I am currently getting an MS in Ecology, my actual research involves genetic fingerprinting and bacteria. Hospital-related work is also done in my lab. I am hoping that my specific research will broaden my job choices to include both ecological and lab/medical work (which I think is the direction I think I want to go anyway).

Hurdles: It’s a lot of work.

Proposed Timeline: I plan to be finished by the end of next summer (2010).

Related Goals: Publish another paper.

Other Details: I can’t focus on this one, like I do the other ones. This is just happening. I am a grad. student, end of story. I just need to make sure I stay the course and graduate.

If you want to know more about exactly what kind of research I do, just ask. Although, my Proposal Wordle does an excellent job summarizing.

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