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Dawn of Discovery

November 12, 2009

I finally found my kind of Wii game!

I love video games, but I tend to play more computer games. My preferred kind of game is a strategy simulation game. Anything where I get to build something or play god (or both!) is good for me. Any Sim games….SimCity, The Sims, SimCopter, SimTown, etc…; any of the tycoon games…Zoo Tycoon, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Trailer Park Tycoon; games that involve civilizations/empires/colonies….Civilization, Age of Empires, Caesar…you get the idea. I love building settlements and managing resources.

The Wii was the first console system I ever purchased. I was drawn to the balance board and the motion-related capabilities of the remote and nunchuck. One of the 1st games I got was the Wii Fit. While the Wii is great for these types of games, Mario games (love Mario Party!), and party games…it isn’t good at holding my attention. I can’t play these games long term, and I don’t play them to relax, I play them to have fun, and particularly with other people.

Jimmy wanted Madden for the Wii so we went to GameStop. I made a spontaneous purchase of the Dawn of Discovery. In the past, I have regretted spontaneous Wii purchases, particularly if the games are cheap. There are a LOT of very CRAPPY games for Wii. I purchased Dawn of Discovery for $19.99 (used) and was praying on the way home that is wasn’t a mistake.

Alas, I am in love with this game! It is super fun, plenty to do, great mini-story line, and it is a colony-building type game. I’m not too far into it yet, but I have colonized 3 islands. I have built houses, a dairy farm, a lumberjack hut, a fishing hut, a chapel, a shipyard, and my civilization is growing! It has lots of mini-goals which I prefer to open-ended games.

I can only play it in tiny doses right now since I am SUPER busy with school stuff and other life stuff. But I do need short breaks every now and again to keep me sane, and this is wonderful for that. I can complete a mission, and then go back to work for awhile.

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