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Dollhouse is Canceled; Fox is Evil

November 11, 2009


It was announced today that the TV show Dollhouse on the Fox Network has been canceled.

Once again, Fox is destroying an awesome and very creative show by Whedon. In a world full of copy-cat themes and plots, unique and original ideas should be a valued treasure. Dollhouse was incredibly inventive (just like Firefly).

I don’t think its low ratings were the fault of the show or the actors. I blame the Fox network. It gave the show an incredibly poor time slot. Fridays at 9pm. Who watches shows then? If I am going to watch a show on a Friday night, I’ll pick something that isn’t too involving that I can just watch one episode of, since I am not free every Friday. Dollhouse had low ratings last season, but a surprising amount of viewage at places like So, when Fox decided to renew it, you think they would have been smart enough to try a different time slot. Nope. Same slot. After some mediocre comedy. Why couldn’t they have paired it with something better? Because I am usually busy on Fridays, I opted to watch the show on How many more people like me are there out there, that love Dollhouse but can’t watch it at its assigned time slot.

So annoyed!

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