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Spiced Chicken & Apples

October 5, 2009

Today’s recipes were: Spiced Apples & Chicken and Cardamom Carrots.

I decided that I wanted some potato in there, so I through in Eatingwell’s Lemon-Oregano Potatoes….

Spiced Chicken & Apples:

The time listed for the chicken was inappropriate. I cooked it as recommended, then check it…still very pink. I made several more cuts in the chicken before it was finally cooked….almost double the cooking time. The apples were just okay. I am a huge fan of apples and spices…my homemade applesauce is one of my favorite foods, but this fell short…it was boring.


Another wrong cooking time, in my opinion, I cooked these as suggested…correct temp, correct placement in oven, stirred around a few times…I need to take them out 10 minutes early due to burning. Once again, flavor was just okay.


Just okay…

Part of this meal’s mediocrity was my fault…while they sounded reasonable together, it was perfectly clear upon plating the food that I had WAY too many spices and too much activity going on.

When comparing this to last night’s recipe (potato soup)….despite being no where near as healthy, the potato soup still wins….super easy and super tasty, this meal was a bit of a PitA and totally not worth it. 😦

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