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#5 Finish Neverwinter Nights

September 28, 2009

5.) Finish Neverwinter Nights

Objective: To finally finish all of the original Neverwinter Nights.

Motivation: NWN is an iconic D&D-based RPG computer game. Since I am such an avid D&D player, I feel this is a game I should complete. I have started the game before, but I got bored before I finished the whole thing. It is designed like a story, and I’d like to know how it ends. Also, I have NWN2 that I’d like to play someday, but I am one of those people who has to finish the original first.

Hurdles: Sticking to it. I am likely to get bored and scamper off to some other game, but I need to make sure I come back to NWN.

Proposed Timeline: I’m working on it now! Perhaps, I will have it completed by the end of October?

Related Goals: I can work on acheiving this goal during task #1 if I don’t finish first.

Other Details:

As of 9/28/09 I am on Chaper One Part 4 (so close to the end of chapter 1). There are 4 chapters total, I believe.

If I am not tired of the game by the time I finish, I may attempt to pursue the other stories in the expansion packs, but it will not be required to complete this challenge.

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