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The Bread is on Fire!

September 27, 2009

My man was heading off to his friend’s house in Indiana for the weekend Friday night. I decided that I would cook him a nice meal before he left for his 5 hour journey…something to remember me by and keep him nice and full for his journey.

I made it a Pioneer Woman night. She is my hero, btw.

The following dishes were on the menu:

PW’s Steak Bites

PW’s Buttery Thyme Bread

Pastor Ryan’s Roasted Ricotta Tomatoes

First, I got all my ingredients prepared. While I was waiting for Jimmy to IM me and let me know he was on his way home, I started chopping my herbs, softening my butter, etc…

When he did IM me to let me know he’d be home in 1 hour, I began cooking….the bread first.

It took a surprising amount of effort to smear that much butter on to a loaf of bread. Mind you, the butter wasn’t quite as soft as I’d hoped, but I had no choice. My hand hurt after.

I melted the butter in oven, as instructed.

In between, I began to prepare my tomatoes.

I removed it when my new oven time told me so. It looked perfecto, and then placed it in the broiler and set my timer for 3 minutes. Back to scooping ricotta into the tomatoes.

It wasn’t even two minutes when I smelled something burning. Okay, guess the bread’s coming out a litte early…and I opened the broiler door to discover that my bread was on fire. Literally, one of the halves had flames. I removed the bread and blew lightly on it, which thankfully put it out.


Can you tell which one caught on fire? The burnt edge of the right piece was actually next to the particularly charred side of the left piece.

Confidence shaken. I gave up with the bread.

I finished the tomatoes and got them in the oven. Then moved on to the steak. Thankfully, there were no more life-threatening incidents.

The meal turned out okay….

I have yet to develop any skill picking out beef, since we rarely eat beef that is not ground or in the shape of a burger, so my steak was way to fatty for my liking. However, the pieces that weren’t fatty tasted delicious.

My tomatoes were overstuffed with ricotta. In this case, less is better. If each bite had more tomato and more cracker crumbs they would have been better. Next time, I will go easy on the ricotta.

As for the bread…I’m glad my immense anger at the stove didn’t cause me to toss them in the trash immediately. The right piece was salvagable. I cut off the particularly charred side and tossed it, sprinkled some thyme on the rest, and cut it into thin slices.

It turned out to be my favorite part of the meal.

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  1. taraSG permalink
    September 27, 2009 9:12 pm

    Hahaha I had the stove catch on fire not long ago and it completely freaked me out (apparently you have to clean the burners every once in a while, who knew?!). Sounds like a yummy dinner though 🙂

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