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#3 Finish a Legacy to Gen 10

September 25, 2009

3.) Finish a Legacy to Gen. 10

Objective: To complete a Sims legacy challenge all the way through to level 10

Motivation: I’ve played the Sims since Sims 1 came out. In fact, I’ve played all the games before the Sims (SimCity, SimTower, SimTown, etc…). So, the Sims is clearly part of who I am (ask any of my friends from highschool who witnessed either of my two class presentations on the Sims). I have attempted to complete a legacy challenge in the Sims a bunch of times, but never made it past around generation 4 or 5. I think its something that I need to do as a Simmer, lol.

Hurdles: I’m going to need a lot of time, dedication, and support from readers who read my legacy blog.

Proposed Timeline: I will start it soon, perhaps when I start to get a bit bored with Neverwinter and need a break.

Related Goals: I can work on acheiving this goal during task #1 if it is still outstanding.

Other Details:

A Legacy Challenge was one of the first user-made “challenges” for the Sims 2. Challenges are made by players and posted online. They provide structure to open-endedness of the game. They add a new dimension. The legacy challenge consists of starting with 1 Sim and taking the genetic line all the way to Gen. 10. Along the way you earn points for certain family acheivements. There are a lot of blogs dedicated to following legacy families and they typically told in the fashion of a story.

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