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#1: Spend an Entire Weekend Playing Computer Games….

September 23, 2009

What better time to share the details involved in each of my Day Zero Project Tasks than when I am doing a NaBloPoMo??

The descriptions won’t be the only things I post, I will still throw in random updates, blog links, etc…but you can expect a lot of DZP posts over the next couple weeks.

1.) Spend an entire weekend playing computer & wii games and accomplishing nothing else
The fact this is my #1 task may give you a hint as to where my priorities are, lol.

Objective: To spend an entire weekend doing nothing but relaxing by playing computer games and games on the Wii.

Motivation: If you know me, you know I tend to be a giant stress bubble. I never take whole days just to relax, in fact, I seldom take even an hour. For instance, when I am watching TV, I am up during commercial breaks doing laundry, cleaning, or getting lunches ready for the next day. When I play a computer game, I take maybe 15 minute breaks in between doing a variety of other tasks. This will give me a reason to settle down for a weekend and take it slow, and not feel guilty about it.

Hurdles: The biggest challenge in completing this task will be to find the time to actually do it.

Proposed Timeline: Timing is key on this. It will either need to be after I get my masters degree and before I get my next job (perhaps right after my degree as celebration? In which case, we are looking at next summer); or if it is tied to a vacation or other time off (where I can work on things other days and not feel guilty).

Related Goals: This goal can work in conjunction with my other gaming goals: #3, #4, and #5. As I can play the Sims and Neverwinter as part of this challenge.

Other Details:

Exceptions: In reality, I will have to do a bit more than just play computer games. I will still need to eat, sleep and shower. I will also allow cooking, since I enjoy it and it leads to the eating. Blogging, facebook, and responding to non-work related e-mails will also be acceptable. Reading & watching TV occasionally, are also acceptable. Since I can watch TV & play, and I like to watch DVDs during dinner. And I read before bed.

Possible Games: I imagine I would probably play any of the following- the Sims 3, Civilization, Tropico, and Neverwinter Nights. I will take random Wii (so Wii Sports, Mario Party) breaks to get me moving and stretch my legs, lol.

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