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DZP Update: Finished New Book & Failed Cookies

September 16, 2009

Progress Report on the Day Zero List:

– [Task #97]I attempted cookie #3- failure! They were a peanut butter chocolate swirl blondie. They took quite a bit of work to prepare. I prepared them Monday night while watching the reruns of the season finales of all my Monday night shows- which I missed last season! So, I was very happy. Blondies were finally ready for the oven. They go in…they need 25 minutes. Checked them around 20 minutes- looking great, 5 more minutes should be perfecto…then I sat down for 5 minutes…Big Bang theory was hysterical…I got distracted…left them in for 10 more minutes. BURNT! Ugh! I need a timer!!!! (the one on my oven is broken, so I am forced to use a clock).

– [Task #88 & #91] On a better note, I finished Slaughterhouse Five. This is counts as progress for TWO tasks…. For #88, I need to read an average of one book a month…I am now at 7 in 9 months. For #91, I need to read all the books on book lists 1, 2 and 3 for my book club. I have already completed list #1. I have one book left on list #2, and two books left on list #3 (now that I have finished Slaughterhouse Five). I have started reading Kaffir Boy- which is also on list #3. After that, I will need to read Doom of Kings and As I Lay Dying.

– [Task #17] Exchange a snailmail letter with someone every day for a month; and exchange e-mails with someone daily for two months. I have completed the 1st part and I am currently working on the 2nd 1/2 with Tara.

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