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Beauty of the Day

September 16, 2009

:::spoilers for ANTM:::

It’s time for ANTM again…so its my “beautiful” topic for the day again.

Rachael left! Boo…I think that was a bit unfair…I think that would have been suited better for later in the competition when the girls are used to tough competition. Rachael was adorable.

Bianca’s annoying attitude hasn’t changed…I hope she goes home!

Oh, commercial break, time for real work…

This is an odd photo shoot…what is with the jockeys? It’s a wierd version of Equus.

Laura is adorable, lol. “I just love nudity”

Bianca is bitching again.

Yes, I am watching and commenting simultaneously, none of this probably makes sense to anyone, lol.

Uh-oh, Courtney didn’t do well on the photo shoot- I hope she doesn’t go home.

Another commercial break…washing some dishes…

Back on…time for the judge’s table!

Oh shit…Ashley didn’t do well. They took her test shot? Talk about over-posing. Really, the first few girls didn’t do so well. Brittany is gorgeous. Love Laura’s photo. Courtney’s chances are doing well. I hope they let her slide through…

Oh no…I think Ashley should have gone, but its down to Bianca and Courtney. I hope Bianca goes…bottom 2 TWICE for the same reason! Obvious choice in my opinion.

REALLY? WHY? Ugh! The judges always make me mad. Courntey and Bianca did the same thing…Bianca did it two weeks in a row…umm…hello???

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