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Task #97 Cookies (2/196)

September 8, 2009

One of the tasks for my DZP is to make all the cookies in my Good Housekeeping Cookies! cookbook and all the cookies in the holiday magazine I have. This will total 196 kinds of cookies.

I completed my 1st two of the 196 today: Coconut Bites and Coconut Cookies.

Why so much coconut? Well, for starters to make one recipe, I had to buy a bag- so why not use more of it up. Secondly, Jimmy doesn’t like coconut and he is in Chile this week.

Cookie #1: Coconut Cookies


The coconut cookies are awesome. They aren’t very fancy. Just a nice, soft simple cookie (all your usual ingredients) with some shredded sweetened coconut. I love them.

Cookie #2: Coconut Bites


I don’t think “coconut bites” are the proper name for these guys. They are bites of rich chocolate with just a dab of coconut. They are still delicious, but I can only manage to eat one before feeling overblown with chocolate. They are a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips in them (making them very soft and gooey on the inside). They have a cup of coconut, but I think it does more for the texture than the flavor, lol.

If you are fortunate enough to be at UT tomorrow, I will have both of the cookies in my office and I’m encouraging everyone to help themselves. I certainly do not need them all for myself.

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