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Beautiful Salad

September 8, 2009

Beauty of the Day: I searched for beautiful and this is what I found. Looks yummy enough to me.

Blog of the Day:

I love her most recent post entitled “Indoctrination”. I haven’t been able to figure out why people are having such trouble with the idea of President Obama addressing the youth. What has happened to America? Long ago, people used to have respect for the President no matter their party affliation. I think it is BLATANTLY obvious that the President does not have a political agenda for these talks but just cares about the future of our nation. He likes to encourage education and community service. Am I biased? Perhaps you may think so because I am a very liberal democrat. However, if Sarah Palin was :::shudders::: the President and I had children I would still want them to listen to what she has to say because she would be THE PRESIDENT- and to me, that is worth something. I would play an active role and talk to my children about what they heard, but I wouldn’t prevent them from hearing, and I would be appreciative of the fact the President was caring enough about this nation to address the youth.

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  1. September 10, 2009 10:21 pm

    I hear you and thanks for your comments and thoughts on my blog. Here in Washington County, MD, the schools elected not to air the speech because some idiot parents were threatening to pull their kids from school that day. My opinion? They should have let them pull them. So stupid. My nine year old came home that day and asked to see the speech. I was very proud!

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