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How Rude…

September 1, 2009

Well, that was annoying.

After pasting the definition in the previous post, wordpress refused to let me post anything after it. I tried everything, but no. So, here is the rest of what was supposed to be the previous post.

What is the world coming to? I’m about to get all cliche here- look out! What is wrong with kids these days? I feel so old now, but I am only in my mid-twenties! It’s bizarre, but I feel so different from today’s youth- and I am not all that much older then them.

More and more I am being reminded of just how…awful today’s youth is. Not all of them- some of them are absolutely wonderful souls. I am generalizing here, and I know that. But being on a campus with undergraduates, working with them, teaching them…they are just so different then my friends and I.

They are chronically unreliable, and must have problems telling time. They don’t pay attention, and ask the same (stupid) questions over and over again. They are either on the phone, or using it to text (there are weeks where I don’t even look at my cell). They have no respect or courtesy for adults. They are lazy as hell.

While walking back to the lab today, a girl texting on her cell almost crashed into me. She was looking at her cell, and not where she was walking- which is bad enough by itself, but to compound matters, she wasn’t managing to walk in a straight line and wavering all over the path. I just barely avoided her.

Later on, when I went to pick up packages in the stockroom, I had to wheel the cart by a bunch of undergrads. sitting on the floor waiting for a class. Very few of them moved their feet out of the way for me. They were on both sides of the hall, I literally had to weave my cart around their legs. What happened to common curtesy?

And I am starting to wonder if our education system is taking a drastic landslide downhill (I blame the “no child left behind policy”)…I can sometimes be flake…but I am running into way too many people who shouldn’t even BE in college.

I am truly terrified for the future of this country. How can such lazy, stupid, rude people compete with the rest of the world?

Once again, don’t take offense if you are younger than I. I have plenty of friends who are just out of undergrad…it’s not everyone, just an overall observation of the majority.

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